Kong: Skull Island special artwork showcase

Kong: Skull Island special artwork showcase

While watching Kong: Skull Island, you will witness a quite eventful minute for Brie Larson's war photojournalist character, Mason Weaver. Unfortunately, he's got a new enemy in Packard, who is determined to settle his unfinished business in Nam by taking out Kong, as if that would somehow right the balance.

So, if you're at all anxious that you're going to buy a ticket to see Kong: Skull Island and have to wait until the end of the movie to finally see Kong in action, this will not be an issue. It's a bummer that's all it is.

Composer Henry Jackman scored Jordan Vogt-Roberts entry into the King Kong universe and delivered a powerful arrival track for the film's heroes.

The critical consensus is that the movie offers a lot of eye candy with great acting from the likes of Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson and more.

After his suave turn as former soldier-turned intelligence insider Jonathan Pine on hit drama series The Night Manager, many fans have been speculating he could be in line to be the new James Bond or even the Doctor in Doctor Who.

Anyway, Kong: Skull Island is a hoot.

Jackson's long-winded story about Icarus that he just decides to spout when his team is in a brutal thunderstorm to get to the island is the first sign that things are going to get rough. Reilly does in fact almost walk away with the movie, getting most of the big comedic one-liners for a character that's halfway nuts, but still far more equipped to get through the island than most of the new humans. Hiddleston smolders and briefly wields a samurai sword.

And perhaps that's the whole point.

"We're captivated by Kong's power and majesty".

The said post-credit scenes hinted the upcoming battle between Godzilla and King Kong.

Leagues better than Peter Jackson's bloated, three-hour Kong of 2005, this one looks poised for strong returns and potential sequels co-starring hinted-at monsters from movie lore.

Jackson tries to fill that void with his character, a man broken by the United States leaving Vietnam and now taking it out on Kong. Cinematographer Larry Fong, who traditionally works with Zack Snyder, gets to stretch his legs beyond creating the fantastical motion paintings from movies like 300, Watchmen and Batman v Superman.

The epic action-adventure then opens wide on Thursday morning March 9 starting at 10 am.

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