Tony Romo expects to be released by Cowboys

Tony Romo isn't long for the Dallas Cowboys. The best that Tony Romo can hope for is a two to three-year pact with the salary numbers crunched. He then watched himself transition from starter to the counter-part of a "controversy" without throwing a single pass.

For the past National Football League season, trade rumors surrounding Tony Romo have continued to surface after having been dethroned as the Dallas Cowboys' main quarterback after the emergence of rookie Dak Prescott as the team's new star. The serious commitment coupled with the unknown stability of the quarterback made the chances of another team negotiating for a trade very slim. There have been various reports of what the Cowboys could get for Romo, from as high as maybe a second-rounder, down to a low of a conditional pick in the later rounds. Romo still wants to play, though, so the leaguewide consensus has been that the Cowboys will either trade or release him this offseason.

A trade is a no-no, meaning Dallas Cowboys team owner Jerry jones will be forced to make a decision soon. However, it also means sending a franchise legend off with absolutely no ill-will.

Romo's future is the best story of the offseason, because there's no obvious conclusion.

Romo has spent his entire career in Dallas, but has missed most of the last two seasons due to injuries. There's been speculation for months that the Cowboys will opt to move on from Romo, since he's costing them so much. Romo himself has said that he has 2-3 good seasons left. He's only going somewhere that has a strong defense and an offensive line that can keep him relatively protected.

The Texans are paying Brock Osweiler an unseemly amount of money at QB already, but Romo could be a short-term upgrade, albeit one at fairly considerable risk. The reason Denver underperformed this year?

We saw what happened with Peyton Manning in 2015. They also thought they were Super Bowl contenders and that Bradford could do enough for them to win a title.

Rookie Dak Prescott emerged on the scene and was unceremoniously handed the starting role once Romo went down with an injury in the preseason.

The Cowboys now are $12.93 million over the cap for 2017. Or even if Prescott plays well again and the Cowboys make it to the Super Bowl (dear God) but lose to, say, Romo's Houston Texans?

Certainly, if Romo is released there will be a market for his services. And don't get me wrong - I want Tony to succeed. It's time for the Bears to find a young quarterback and let him develop while the team develops around him. We went against him on 7-on-7 drills. I think they can get a third or a fourth for Tony.

One of the teams that could have an interest in Bouye is the Philadelphia Eagles since a cornerback is their main need heading into free agency. No, I don't think so. The idea that he could be released so that he could negotiate a deal with any team he chooses would be especially enticing to Romo. Only time will tell.

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