Russell Westbrook Nails Ref In Head With Ball, Claims It Was Unintentional

Russell Westbrook isn't known for his long-range shooting, but on occasion the Thunder point guard can connect from distance.

Anything but throw it overhand, which is what he did Wednesday night, leading to a sore face for the referee and a technical foul for the Oklahoma City superstar.

"I called his name".

In the first quarter of yesterday's game, Westbrook headed to the sideline with the ball and threw it at referee Tommy Maddox's head and it hit the referee in the side of his face. The ball caromed off the official's dome, and Westbrook was called for the T. "I don't know. I don't know what to tell you, brother, I really don't".

Russell Westbrook apologizes to official Tre Maddox after hitting him with the ball. I would never, ever disrespect the game like that and throw the ball at the referee. That's just not even heard of in our game today.

Westbrook was assessed a technical foul for the incident, and he was not pleased about it. "So that's a technical foul".

You don't average 10.5 assists per game, second in the NBA, without being accurate in delivering the basketball to others. That's not allowed and I would never do such a thing. To get a tech, it's insane to me. That would come as good news for Westbrook and his team, given that once a player accumulates 16 techs in a season, he is automatically suspended for one game.

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