Why The Church Of Scientology Just Called A&E Hypocrites

Why The Church Of Scientology Just Called A&E Hypocrites

"Escaping the KKK" would not normally attract attention from the church, but in this case it's a useful tool for Scientology leaders looking to pressure a media enemy on the Remini show, which they feel is detrimental to their cause. While they've been highly critical of the network for airing Leah Remini's docuseries slamming the church, they are now taking issue with them pulling the plug on their KKK docuseries, calling them "hypocritical". Astra Woodcraft, one of the admins on an ex-Scientologists website, left Sea Org rather than abort her child, and knows of several women who were forced to abort their children. Ever since the show was announced, Remini was subjected to vast scrutiny from the organisation and has face threats of legal action.

A&E had also planned a docuseries examining people trying to escape the KKK and taking a look at how it affected families. The show never made it on the air.

In a letter first obtained by TMZ, Soter states: "Church of Scientology understands that two on-air accusers/participants in Leah Remini's docuseries, 'Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, ' received substantial cash payments for their participation, in violation of the same standards".

A&E declined to comment on whether participants in "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath" were paid - other than Remini, who is an executive producer on the docuseries - but an insider close to the network tells Variety that even if participants were paid, financial payments would be common practice for participants in a television docuseries.

A&E may have canceled "Escaping the KKK", but it won't be that easy for the network to escape from the show - especially if the Church of Scientology has anything to do with it.

We can think of no justification for A&E's hypocrisy. "There is no reason for A&E to depart from its stated 'policies and practices" with regard to the Remini program, ' the attorney wrote.

On the most recent episode when she found out she was being followed by private investigators, she said, "It doesn't intimidate me; it makes me want to retaliate because I'm not going to f--ing stand for it".

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