SpaceX Posted A Photo Of Falcon Heavy Ahead Of 2017 Launch

SpaceX Posted A Photo Of Falcon Heavy Ahead Of 2017 Launch

The photo was an ideal tease, showcasing just a part of the massive rocket as it rests in the factory, with its logo stamped onto the side. The Falcon Heavy will be able to provide double the power of the current highest capacity rocket, the Delta IV Heavy, at a third of the cost, SpaceX claimed.

Not getting to see the most powerful rocket in the world - SpaceX's Falcon Heavy - meet its anticipated launch this year didn't mean that the Southern California-based space startup wasn't making serious progress on the rocket.

The unveiling comes after the company's Falcon 9 rocket blew up while refueling prior to a scheduled launch from Cape Canaveral in September. He plans to first launch the $90 million equipment next year. The Falcon Heavy boasts 27 Merlin engines with the thrust ability comparable to approximately eighteen 747 engines and a payload that can carry a fully loaded 737 jetliner. The Saturn V moon rocket, last flown in 1973, managed to deliver more payload into orbit in its heyday. The business magnate, who also owns electric automobile company Tesla Motors and helped found online money transfer system PayPal, has since stated that necessary adjustments have been made to the rocket's design and that it would be ready to launch sometime in "early-to-mid 2017", after being delayed from its initial 2016 year-end schedule. Everyone is waiting for the launch date of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Rocket which they claim to be the most powerful operational rocket.

Finally, the Falcon Heavy was mainly created to transport humans to space and bring back the possibility of sending crews on a mission to Mars or Moon.

It should be noted that the development of the Falcon Heavy is being funded by private entities. Charles Miller, one of president-elect Donald Trump's appointees for the NASA transition team, is highly supportive of possibly more lunar exploration. Included in the report is his interest for a possible human civilization on the moon. CEO Elon Musk routinely makes major announcements on his personal Twitter page.

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